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Thinking of Selling?

Selling property can be an emotionally charged experience, from the initial excitement of making the decision to sell, through to the thrill of seeing your property sell for a higher than expected price.

Once you have made the decision to sell, it is important to understand what you can control and what may be outside of your influence. For example, by selecting a local, qualified agent, you will have access to the latest market trends and information, however external market influences such as interest rates and the economy can fluctuate daily.

At Kerr Real Estate we are focused on helping you achieve the price you want when selling your property.

We will work with you to understand your selling requirements and develop a selling and marketing strategy that works for you.

Selling Price

Setting a realistic asking price is essential to attract the right buyers and
encourage them to seriously consider your property to purchase. If you start with an unrealistic price, you may be pricing yourself out of the market. If the market is strong, it pays to be conservative 
with your price range estimates as it is likely to increase interest from serious buyers, creating more competition and potentially securing a successful sales outcome sooner.

To assist you in establishing a fair market price for your property the best source of local knowledge, market information and recent sales history is most likely to be your local agent.

Property Presentation

Although this may sound obvious, a well-maintained and well- presented property is likely to sell faster and for a much higher price than a poorly maintained property. Overgrown gardens, crowded and cluttered rooms, dirty interior or weathered exteriors are likely
to deter potential buyers and increase their bargaining power when negotiating price.

When preparing for property inspections and sale considers soft lighting to brighten rooms, tidying the outside and cleaning the windows. It can pay huge dividends when you pay attention to the small details.

Property Profile

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an effective property marketing campaign could be worth thousands more.

Prospective buyers are busy and they have likely looked at tens or even hundreds of properties online and at ‘open for inspections’. How can you make sure your property stands out in a crowded market and leaves a positive, favorable impression with serious buyers?

As you have invested time and money in preparing the property, why wouldn’t you also invest in high-quality photography to showcase the properties unique features? 
There are many other factors that can influence a successful sales outcome for your property. To find out how to set the right sales price, prepare your property properly and market it
to its best potential, we recommend partnering with a trusted real estate agent who has
local expertise, has successfully listed and sold properties in your area and is an effective communicator who understands your needs.

If you have been thinking of selling we recommend reading the below ebook about the biggest dangers in the real estate market 

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